profile Creative Coding enthusiast. I'm motivated by the spectrum of Technology and Design. More than building creative products, I am passionate about building tools that let people explore their creative instinct themselves. I believe design must be accessible, smart, and interactive.

drive I fell in love with interactive design a long time ago. I started building simple websites for friends and family using Flash when I was 17 years old, using a very rudimentary implementation of ActionScript2 I had learned by myself. Since then, I expanded my interests and broadened my skillset, but the drive behind all that is still pretty much the same.




Sónar +D

ux design / web development


I designed and developed this wep app as the final project for the Web Development II course. It was a great opportunity to challenge my skills as an aspiring front-end developer and play around with different web technologies and Js libraries.

The Sónar +D 2018 website works as a Single Page Application that can transfer data and update its elements based on user input. For the View components, I'm using a very straightforward implementation of HTML5, SASS, and Javascript. Thanks to Vincent Garreau for the amazing Particles.js library that allowed me to implement a randomly generated particle background for the home screen.

When communicating the state of users' choices (attending, not attending), I used Firebase to store these options and JS to update and refresh the visual states of the HTML elements. This project taught me that managing states in Javascript is not an easy task, and although I was really satisfied with the results, I eventually decided to get into Angular and React to manage these updates more seamlessly.

I developed the UX/ Visual Design system along with the web development itself, which is pretty unusual but I had to pull off due to time constraints. I wanted the website to act as a frame for its content, in a very simple and minimalistic fashion. I believe the final outcome speaks edgy and forward-thinking, reflecting exactly the values of what Sónar is all about.

Young People's Theatre

ux/ui design


Young People's Theatre gives the opportunity to many actors, children, and schools to experience plays that explore educational and ethical values. What they were lacking was some treatment on their website. YPT was receiving many complaints and a load of phonecalls from people who could not understand their mobile ticketing system. The experience was confusing, annoying, and frustrating. No one likes frustrated users.

As part of the Advanced UX course on the INM program, this project was developed with a clinical eye for user satisfaction. I started off by making a couple of interviews and user testing with people who usually buy the tickets for their children: parents.

They liked the website at a first glance, but after a few minutes, they became so frustrated to the point of simply giving up. The outcomes of this process were fundamental to build a comprehensive set of constraints and guidelines for the upcoming UI overhaul.

My goal with this process was to provide consistency and continuity to users. They should be able to know where they're at, where they came from, and where they'll go to next. There are hooks implemented in the interface to depict this connection between one page and the other (I did not opt for breadcrumbs though as I don't think they look elegant on a mobile display). By doing so, at least half of the frustration would be ditched away and the rest could be dealt with information accessibility and whitespace.

Providing feedback on every single step was also fundamental. Users should know whether an action is accomplished, pending, or canceled. I created a set of components using this blobby shape to try and create visual interest in the pages while maintaining the key sections as simple and clean as possible


visual identity


Refoodgees was born as a collaborative space to empower and capacitate refudgees recently arrived in Brazil, providing support for them to thrive by using their cuisine. I had the opportunity to work with two of Refoodgee's founders and soon they would ask me to redesign their visual identity.

Finding their essence through a visual language was a path guided by a geometrical investigation. The founders had some very strict guidelines: there should be a plate, a fork, a knife, and a globe - all representing the gastronomical fairs they promote to engage different audiences and fundraise for the refugees. Moreover, bridging these elements together should also convey compassion and empathy, central themes of their mission.

The final visual system I created for Refoodgees has two main elements: a word mark and a logo mark. They can be used side by side; however, they are still unique and recognizable when applied separately thanks to a varied set of colors. The chromatic aspect of the brand also translates multiculturalism and diversity.


visual identity


Angbeat is a business consultancy startup based in Holland. They wanted their brand to be simple and reliable, reflecting the trustworthiness of their services. Angbeat's name derived from all the locations their consultants work in: Amsterdam, New York, Greece, Brazil, England, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.

Conveying the international expertise of the company was the main goal of the project, and Angbeat wanted this knowhow to be the visual element, easily adaptable to different applications. I came up with a straightforward approach: the most recognizable landmarks of each location connected by simple lines. The message I meant to transmit was unity and collaboration. The company approved the design by its third iteration.

The finished branding for Angbeat touched the motivation behind the company's core: providing innovation in project management and technology consultancy for a variety of business clients.

About me

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Brazilian, born in a tiny little town amid the Atlantic Rainforest, grandson of farmers, and proud of every single tiny victory I've accomplished. I knew since I was a child that I wanted to be an artist, and the meaning of this word has been transformed over so many times it's hard to figure out when it all began.

I love indietronica, indie-pop, and alt-rock music. I'm obsessed with the work of Joshua Davis, Marpi, TeamLab, Ash Thorp, Obscura Digital, only to name a few.

Little known facts

I was a certified Architect abroad (with a Masters!) before moving to the Creative Technology field. I carry a lot of analytical thinking and design strategy/planning from the great experiences I had back then.

I am a gamer (but not a hardcore one). I'm in love with my Nintendo Switch and every now and then I take the time to play some Splatoon and Mario Kart.

I'm a biking enthusiast but my cold resistance is not that good, so living in Toronto allows me to bike only 6 months a year.

I fell in love with Toronto in such a decadent fashion that even a few days abroad make me miss this place. It's where I call 'home' now.

From time to time I get pretty much obsessed with a specific subject. Last year was Philosophy; this year I'm splitting my attention between Humanism and the late-'80s-early-'90s Club Kid culture.

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